Electrical Servicing

At Botany Vehicle Service we provide a comprehensive automotive electrical service and full vehicle air conditioning repair and maintenance service.

Like you need to see the doctor every time after your illness your car also needs some kind of mechanical help by a car specialist for electrical diagnostics in Auckland. Electrical repairs can be looked after with immediate action if you go to the designated car specialists. Botany vehicles present automotive electrical service for your car if you face any kind of mechanical help. After a few years, your car can be disrupted and can cause disturbance while driving, we are here to give you from speedometers services to windscreen wipers we have presented all the solutions for your car.

Your car should be protected from any kind of theft, so your central locking system should be quite secure to make locked your car. Daytime running lights present an attractive look which maintains the show of the car, also these cars run on and off automatically so that you don’t to be worry regarding the battery of the car. We also deal with vehicle air conditioning services so that you won’t feel hot during summer times and also the compressor of your car stays long.

  • Electrical Repair
  • Electrical Repair

Auto Electrical Repairs

The skilled team at Botany Vehicle Service offer a comprehensive auto electrical repair and maintenance service, including:

  • Full auto electrical diagnostics
  • Central locking
  • Vehicle security
  • Electric windows
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Speedometers
  • Daytime running lights