Transmission Flush Machine

The majority of automatic transmission failures happen because of overheating or contaminated fluid and to have your automatic transmission rebuilt is a very costly exercise.  Unlike engine oil, most of your transmission fluid is not replaced by a typical drain and fill service which only replaces 40% or less of fluid, with the rest being trapped in the torque converter, valve body and cooler lines.  Adding fresh transmission fluid can actually loosen damaging sludge and varnish deposits inside the transmission.

With our transmission flush service we can remove all the damaging contaminants when adding new oil, but with most manufactures this is not the case as they consider the transmissions a  “non serviceable, sealed unit” with “lifetime oil”. Servicing can reduce the lifetime span of your transmission, as the oil needs to be changed as it loses its properties over a period of time.

Transmission Flush Services has specifically designed equipment that connects to your transmission to softly power flush, along with the cooler lines, the cooler, torque converter and related components.  This flushes approximately 95% of the old fluid, and replaces it with the new oil that is compatible to your vehicle.

The benefits of a Transmission Flush Service:
  • Extends the automatic transmissions life
  • Removes burnt and contaminated fluid from the transmission system; rectifying hard or shuddering shifts
  • Helps stop and prevents leaks
  • Saves on costly transmission repairs
  • Revitalises the transmission seals