Brake Pad Replacement

Brake Pad Replacement

Do you hear a grinding or squealing sound coming from your car when you apply the brakes? Does your vehicle take more time to come to a full stop? It’s time for brake pad replacement.

Brake pads are essential to your vehicle’s braking system and must be replaced periodically for optimal performance and safety. Botany Vehicle Services has the right tools and expertise to do the job correctly to ensure your braking system works perfectly.

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Professional Brake Pad Replacement Botany

At Botany Vehicle Services, our team of experienced mechanics will replace your brake pads with precision and care. We value the reliability of brakes for safe driving and use top-notch replacement pads for maximum performance. Our staff is trained to work on all brake systems and can efficiently replace brake pads on any make or model of the car.

Our brake pad replacement process includes inspecting the condition of your current brake pads, removing them carefully, and installing new ones. We also check for any other underlying issues with your braking system to ensure everything works properly. If we find any additional problems, we will provide you with a detailed report and recommend the necessary repairs.

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When To Replace Your Brake Pads?

Pay attention to the warning signs that indicate it’s time for a brake pad replacement. Our most experienced mechanic in East Tamaki, Auckland, advises looking out for these common indicators:

  • Squealing or grinding noises when applying brakes
  • Longer stopping distances
  • Vibrations or pulsating brake pedal
  • Dashboard warning light for brakes

If you experience these signs, bringing your car in for a brake inspection as soon as possible is recommended. Our team at Botany Vehicle Services will assess the condition of your brake pads and recommend the necessary replacements or repairs.

Comprehensive Brake Services We Offer

We offer a range of brake services to ensure your vehicle’s braking system functions correctly. Our services include:

Brake Pad Replacements

Brake pad replacement is a critical service that directly impacts your safety on the road. Our expert technicians will remove worn-out brake pads and install high-quality replacements, ensuring your vehicle stops effectively and safely. This service enhances your driving experience and prevents further damage to your vehicle’s brake system.

Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement

Rotor resurfacing or replacement is integral to maintaining your brake system’s efficiency. Over time, rotors can become worn or warped, decreasing braking performance and safety. Our skilled technicians can resurface your vehicle’s rotors, restore them to optimal condition, or replace them entirely with high-quality components to ensure reliable braking.

Brake Fluid Flush & Refill

Brake fluid is essential for properly functioning your braking system, transmitting the force applied on the brake pedal to the brake pads. With time, brake fluid can absorb moisture, decreasing braking efficiency and potential damage to other brake components. Our team will flush and refill your vehicle’s brake fluid, ensuring it is clean and contaminant-free for optimal performance.

Brake Caliper Repair or Replacement

Brake callipers play a crucial role in your vehicle’s braking system. They press the brake pads against the rotors to decelerate or halt your car effectively. If callipers become worn or faulty, they compromise the system’s effectiveness. We have a team of professional mechanics in Howick, Auckland to expertly repair or replace brake callipers, ensuring your brakes work flawlessly for your safety.

Brake Line Inspection & Repairs

Brake lines, vital for transporting brake fluid, are thoroughly examined by our experts to identify leaks or deterioration. Prompt repairs or replacements are necessary to prevent any loss of braking power. At Botany Vehicle Services, we use only high-quality brake lines for optimal performance and safety.

Trust Us for Your Brake Pad Replacement Needs

At Botany Vehicle Services, we understand the importance of well-maintained brakes for your safety on the road. Our team of skilled technicians has the expertise and knowledge to provide top-notch brake pad replacement services. We use only quality components and pay attention to every detail to ensure your vehicle’s braking system functions at its best.


How often should I replace my brake pads? 

Brake pad lifespan can vary depending on driving habits, vehicle type, and the quality of the pads. However, it’s recommended to replace brake pads every 50,000 miles. However, if you frequently drive in heavy traffic or mountainous areas, you might need to replace them more often.

Can I inspect the condition of brake pads myself? 

Yes, you can perform a basic inspection. Most brake pads have a wear indicator that allows you to check their thickness visually. If the pad is less than 1/4 inch thick, it’s likely time for a replacement. However, we recommend bringing your vehicle to us for a comprehensive assessment and have your brake pads replaced.

How long does replacing brake pads at Botany Vehicle Service take? 

Brake pad replacement usually takes about 1 to 2 hours per axle. The timeframe for replacement brake pads can vary based on the make and model of your vehicle and whether additional brake system  services are needed. We strive to provide efficient pads replacement service to get you back on the road safely.

Will I get a warranty on the new brake pads?

Yes, at Botany Vehicle Services, we stand behind the quality of our work and the components we use. We offer a workmanship warranty to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

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