Mechanic Howick

Mechanic Howick

If you’re in Howick and in need of top-notch car repair services, calling a local mechanic in Howick is your best bet for ensuring your car receives the care it deserves. Botany Vehicle Services has a team of automotive experts with 20 years of industry experience.

Our workshop is MTA approved and equipped with cutting-edge tools and equipment to deliver high-quality workmanship with a warranty.

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Car Repair Services Howick, Auckland

When you own a car, you encounter unexpected repairs or regular maintenance. Whether it’s dents from minor collisions, body damage after an accident, sudden malfunctions, worn-out parts, or issues like poor fuel efficiency or loss of power, we are skilled in handling it all.

We stand out as the most reliable mechanic in Howick for car repair services (mechanical and electrical) due to our convenient location in Howick, prompt service availability, professional team, and the option to book services online or by phone.

Our MTA approved workshop is equipped with cutting-edge tools and staffed by a professional team of mechanics committed to delivering high-quality repair workmanship. Additionally, we provide courtesy cars during repairs to ensure you remain mobile.

Collision Repairs

Bring your vehicle to us if it’s suffered damage from collisions, accidents, or just general wear and tear. At Botany Vehicle Service, we excel in restoring damaged vehicles to their original, pristine condition.

As an approved repairer for numerous insurance providers and a member of the Collision Repair Association, we promise services of the highest quality. Moreover, our collision repair services come with an exclusive Lifetime Warranty Assurance, providing you with assurance in our expertise.

Warrant of Fitness Repairs

A Warrant of Fitness is required for every vehicle to legally drive on the roads of New Zealand. Botany Vehicles provides WoF in Howick by performing the necessary checks to evaluate your vehicle’s roadworthiness. Should any issues arise during the inspection, we provide the essential repairs to ensure your vehicle meets the standards required to pass the WoF check.

Our goal is to keep your vehicle not only compliant with New Zealand’s road safety regulations but also to ensure it provides a safe and reliable driving experience for you and your passengers.

Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment ensures your tires wear evenly, extends their lifespan, and improves overall driving stability and fuel efficiency. Utilising advanced alignment technology, our skilled technicians meticulously adjust the angles of your wheels to the manufacturer’s specifications.
This precision service not only enhances your driving experience by ensuring smoother handling but also contributes to safer driving conditions.

Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics are crucial when your vehicle exhibits performance issues such as reduced fuel efficiency, power loss, or unusual noises. These symptoms may indicate underlying problems that require immediate attention. Our engine diagnostic service employs state-of-the-art computerised scanners to accurately identify and address the root cause of the issue.

By analysing the data from your vehicle’s onboard computer, our skilled technicians can pinpoint specific problems and rectify them efficiently. This not only restores your vehicle’s performance but also prevents more serious issues from developing.

Auto transmission Flush

We understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle’s transmission system for optimal performance and longevity. Regular transmission flushes can prevent common transmission problems, such as slipping gears and erratic shifting, ensuring your vehicle operates smoothly and efficiently.

Our auto transmission specialists use Wynn’s transmission flush equipment, renowned for its effectiveness in thoroughly cleansing and rejuvenating your auto transmission system. This process not only removes old, degraded fluid and contaminants but also replaces them with fresh, high-quality transmission fluid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates? Can you provide a detailed estimate before beginning work?

Our rates are competitive and fair. We provide a detailed estimate for the repairs after diagnosing the extent of the damage, ensuring transparency in our pricing to guarantee your satisfaction.
Do you use genuine or aftermarket parts?

Yes, we use only genuine or aftermarket parts that are best suited to your vehicle’s make and model. We provide a full explanation in simple terms about why parts were replaced, ensuring you understand precisely what you’re getting.
What warranties do you offer on parts and labour?

Botany Vehicle Services offers a manufacturer’s warranty on parts and a lifetime workmanship warranty on our services for your peace of mind. We have an MTA-approved workshop that adheres to the highest standards of quality set by Motor Trade Association New Zealand.
How soon can you schedule my vehicle for service? Do you offer same-day service?

We can schedule your vehicle for service as soon as you contact us. We also cater same-day car repairs depending on the complexity of the damage. 
Do you specialise in certain types of vehicles or repairs?

We specialise in repairing all makes and models, from BMW and Land Rover to Ford and Volvo, ensuring top-notch service for every vehicle.
Do you offer a courtesy car or shuttle service while my car is being serviced?

Yes, we provide courtesy cars to keep you mobile during repairs, ensuring your daily routine remains unaffected.

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