Wheel & Tyres

Puncture Repair

A punctured tyre can drastically reduce your vehicle’s safety and performance. At Botany Vehicle Service, we provide quick puncture repair service without compromising tyre safety to make your vehicle ready for the next drive.

Tyres Replacement

The condition of the tyre is critical for the safety and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. We stock a range of quality tyres for almost all makes and models to match your vehicle’s specifications and your driving needs. Whether you’re dealing with worn tread, uneven wear, or damage that cannot be repaired, we provide a replacement tyre under your budget.

Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is essential for even tyre wear, accurate steering, and greater fuel efficiency. We use the latest technology to precisely adjust the angles of your vehicle’s wheels according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and correct any misalignment that can cause handling issues, uneven tyre wear, and increased strain on the vehicle’s suspension system.

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